Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board County Review Committee


The Redeploy County Review Committee includes designees Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ), Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and GOMB who form a subcommittee of the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board. They review individualized agreements from counties and report its recommendations to the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board.The Redeploy Illinois (RI) Oversight Board developed the Redeploy Illinois Focused Program, building on the success of Redeploy Illinois (RI), to recognize the value of providing community based services for juveniles who reside in a county that does not meet the statutory criteria for RI funding. The Redeploy Illinois Focused Program considers individual funding requests for RI eligible youth to avoid commitment to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

County Review Members:

Jennifer Jaworski--Chief of Mental Health Services, DJJ
Sharon Coleman--Associate Director of Forensic Services, DHS
Alicia Ozier--Deputy Director, Clinical Practice, IDCFS
Joseph Wellbaum--Senior Budget Analyst, GOMB