Third Party Software Users

  • ROCS FTP interface for MH and DD Providers using Third Party Software Version 2.90 (exe) - 07/01/2014 (file size 2.03 MB) This is a self-extracting installation executable for use by Providers who use their own systems to report ROCS data.
  • File Specifications Manual for Providers Who Use Third Party Software (pdf) - updated 10/1/2020
  • Effective January 1, 2024
    • ROCS Software ?
      • Added DD Site ID List as required data field for the following Bill Codes: 31C, 31U, 31V, 32G, 33G, 34G, 34U, 36G, 36U, 37U, 38C, 38U, 53D, 53R, and 53S. ?
      • Rate Level 1 is statewide rate - level 2 is Chicago Metro Regionalized Rate for all bill codes listed above.
      • DD Site ID specifies the Rate Level which self populates "Rate Level" in ROCS.
      • DD Site ID Table is only provided by DHS.
      • DHS MOBIUS Report ID M0446200 provides all required DD Site ID information for Third Party ROCS .
        • Site ID information:
          • Agency Name
          • Agency FEIN
          • Primary Address
          • Secondary Address
          • City
          • State
          • Zip Code
          • ALL bill codes linked to address and DD Site ID:
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 60D
              • Related Bill Codes: 37U, 53R
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 61H
              • Related Bill Codes: 37U, 53R, 62H, 63H
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 31U
              • Related Bill Codes: 31C, 53D, 38C, 38U, 53S
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 31V
              • Related Bill Codes: None
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 36U
              • Related Bill Codes: 34U
            • Primary Bill Code(s): 36G
              • Related Bill Codes: 32G 33G, 34G
      • DHS MOBIUS Report M0446200 is updated every Thursday night and is available for upload by TPS ROCS on Friday morning.
      • TPS ROCS Developers will have to migrate Agency Specific DD Site ID List from MOBIUS Report M0446200 to TPS ROCS.
      • TPS ROCS Developers will have to decide and program how TPS ROCS updates from DHS MOBIUS Report M0446200.
      • TPS ROCS Developers should program TPS ROCS with the following:
        • Users can not adjust any site data from MOBIUS Report M0446200 in TPS ROCS.
        • Users can not add, adjust or delete any sites in TPS ROCS.
        • When User enters Bill Code which requires DD Site ID the option to select an address from the DD Site ID List becomes available on TPS ROCS for User to select address.
          • DD Site ID not required for impacted Bill Codes with Service Date before January 1, 2024.
          • Only addresses with selected Bill Code appear as available addresses for User to choose.
          • Recommendation: Address list appears in Primary Address then Secondary Address Ascending Order.
          • When User selects address TPS ROCS should populate the Site ID field.
        • When User enters Bill Code which does NOT require DD Site ID then DD Site ID List does not appear for user to select address.
      • All site additions, adjustments and closures must be done through submission of DD Site ID Request form (IL462-5206).
      • TPS ROCS Billing Record Format must transmit DD Site IDs in the ROCS Billing Record File using the Field Name = "Staff ID"; Length = 9; Position = 78-86; Format = Numeric; Required = Y; Description: DD Site ID is selected from agency DD Site ID List associated with Program Code. DD Site ID Required for all bill codes listed above for all services on and after January 1, 2024. DD Site IDs range in size from 1 to 8 numeric digits.
      • The DD Site ID needs to be aligned to end in position 86 (Right Justified).
      • The DD Site ID are the only digits that are needed. No leading zero's should be added to the DD Site ID. Example: DD Site ID of 12345 would appear as 12345 and not 000012345.
      • Bill Codes listed above for service dates on or before December 31, 2023, the Billing Record File for "Staff ID" is "0" Right justified.
      • Bill Codes not listed above do not require a DD Site ID. The Billing Record File for "Staff ID" is "0" Right justified.
    • Day Programs:
      • New 32G, 34G & 34U for SODC SEP Group and SEP Individual BEGIN.
      • SODC Supported Employment Small Group (32G) paid on an hourly basis up to a 5- hour daily maximum. Billing is to be to the closest 1/4 hour. Maximum of 115 hours in a month and 1,200 hours annual BEGIN.
      • SODC Supported Employment Large Group (34G) paid on an hourly basis up to a 5- hour daily maximum. Billing is to be to the closest 1/4 hour. Maximum of 115 hours in a month and 1,200 hours annual BEGIN.
      • SODC Supported Employment Individual (34U) has an 8 hour per day, 90 hour per month and 300 hour per year maximums BEGIN.
      • Billing requirements for all day programs remains unchanged and are to be billed to the closest 1/4 hour increment.

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ROCS Changes for ICD-10 implementation

New record formats will be required for client files submitted after September 21,2015.

Test files can be sent by using the FTP Test Installation Executable which can be downloaded using the link below.

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