DSP Training Program Approval Process

Training must meet Department requirements for informational (classroom) and interventional (OJT) competencies.  The DSP training program is a minimum of 120 total hours, 40 hours must be classroom training and 80 hours must on-the-job (OJT) training.  Agencies may provide more than 40 hours of classroom instruction or 80 hours of OJTs if necessary for specific training or population needs.

Agencies can adopt the Department's DSP training program, adopt the Department's training program with Department-approved modifications, or use an agency-developed DSP training program that is approved by the Department.

The agency must submit a letter of application for program approval, along with the requested documentation, to the Division of Developmental Disabilities. 

DSP Training Program Application Process

Approved DSP training programs are required to add agency-trained DSPs as DD Aides to the Health Care Worker Registry. The DD Aide designation is required before the DSP can support people with developmental disabilities without a qualified person supervising their activities. Approved and current DSP training programs are required before the Department can authorize reimbursement for training.

DSP Training Program Two-Year Review Process

Illinois Administrative Code, Title 77, Section 395.130 requires the Department to review and approve the agency DSP training programs and renew the approval every two years.  Agencies will receive a letter from the Division of Developmental Disabilities 90 days before the two-year expiration date of the training program. 

The letter will include Checklist J (IL-462-1283).  Agencies must complete and return this checklist and all required documentation by the due date specified in the letter.  Timely compliance with the two-year review process will ensure that agencies maintain approval of their DSP training programs.

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