October 4, 2012 - Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention


Open to the general public.


Wednesday, October 4, 2012


10:00 am to 1:00 pm


Council meeting will be held via Video Conference at the following locations:

Chicago, Illinois

  • 401 South Clinton, 7th floor
    Large Executive Conference Room

Springfield, Illinois

  • 400 West Lawrence Street, 3rd floor
    Carl Suter Conference Room


  1. Call to Order 
  2. Introduction of Council Members
  3. Approval of July 19, 2012 - Draft Meeting Report
  4. Service Delivery Approach Workgroup
  5. Telehealth/Teletherapy Follow-up Discussion 
  6. Lead Agency Report 
  7.  Adjournment

Meeting Report


  • Bob Cammarata, ICG Health Care Services
  • Gerri Clark, Division of Specialized Care for Children
  • Margaret Harkness, IL Council on Developmental Disabilities
  • Cynthia Merritt, IL Department of Public Health
  • Beatrice Nichols, IICEI Chairperson, Head Start
  • Deanna Pratscher, parent, Thornton
  • Pam Reising-Rechner, IL State Board of Education
  • Dorelia Rivera Martinez, parent, Elmwood
  • Gina Ruther, DHS, Bureau of Child Care and Development
  • Kathy Schrock, Easter Seals DuPage and Fox Valley
  • Connie Sims, DHS, Division of Developmental Disabilities
  • Amy Tarr, Division of Family and Community Services
  • Therese Wehman, Elmhurst College
  • Robin York , IL Department of Children and Family Services


  • J. Diane Adams-Alsberry, CALM, Inc.
  • Diane Blythe, parent, Crystal Lake
  • Kim Wagner, IL Dept of Healthcare and Family Services
  • Mary Petersen, Department of Insurance
  • David Rubovits, PhD, Jewish Child and Family Services
  • Constance Williams, PhD, DHS/Division of Mental Health

Contents of Council Packet:

  • Agenda
  • Draft Meeting Report - July 19, 2012, 2012
  • Lead Agency Report - October 4, 2012
  • Draft 2013 Council Dates

Call to Order

The Illinois Interagency Council on Early Intervention (IICEI) convened at 10:02 a.m.

Introduction of Council Members

Council members introduced themselves.

Approval of January 12, 2012 Meeting Report and Additional Agenda Items

The July 20, 2012 Meeting Report was approved as written.

Service Delivery Approaches Workgroup Report 

Therese Wehman, co-chair of the Service Delivery Approaches Workgroup, provided a summary of the group's meeting schedule and discussions. The workgroup will be alternating between monthly meetings held face-to-face/videoconference and conference calls. The group has finished its discussions of several components of the early intervention process and will be moving from the IFSP development component to IFSP implementation. The discussion of each component begins with identifying concerns and then building a group of suggested recommendations. The goal is to come up with a set of clear recommendations around each piece of the system and work on implementation timelines for pulling recommendations through the system.

An example of a challenge was provided (i.e., a timely transition from assessment to IFSP development to allow time to develop reports and share them among the IFSP teams). The Council was assured that recommendations would be in compliant with Part C regulations. The Council discussed sharing information about components of the system that have already been discussed. Dr. Wehman will talk with the workgroup about this request.

It was recognized that that consolidation of the current recommendations will occur and implementation timelines identified. Council members recognized the good work of the group. The importance of opportunities for public comment was identified. It was noted that the workgroup includes a good cross section of participants, including representative from the therapy associations. Information/issues can be sent to representative workgroup members or to the co-chairs, Therese Wehman and Chelsea Guillen.

Telehealth/Teletherapy Follow-up Discussion

Kathy Schrock did not have a formal report from the group, which now has three members. Others were invited to join the group. Information that has been gathered by the group was discussed. The Bureau expressed support in the group continuing to explore the use of this technology. The group will be looking in to grant funding for pilots.

Lead Agency Report

Amy Tarr provided reviewed the lead agency report including steps that have been taken to ensure compliance with federal regulation which include:

  • Draft CFC Manual was issued as guidance;
  • Public participation requirements were met for the review of the CFC Procedure manual;
  • Webinars for CFC staff were held in August to provide an overview of CFC Procedure Manual changes;
  • Ten mandatory face-to-face training sessions are being held for CFC staff regarding the routines based interview process; and
  • Work has continued on rule and statute changes.

Ms. Tarr discussed a major compliance issue, the need for consent to use a family's private insurance. Data regarding declines for consent were shared, along with the potential cost to the system. The Council will continue to be updated on this issue. A tip sheet for service coordinators to share with families has been developed. Training modules for service coordinators will provide a general understanding about how things are paid in early intervention, family fees, and consent for use of public and private insurance. All service coordinators will be required to complete this training.

Work has stopped on the "front end" of the early intervention system data system, as another contractor is providing the "front end" function through Cornerstone. The Department is committed to either enhance the Cornerstone system or issue a RFP for a web-based system. Dr. Wehman recognized the importance of a web-bases system to the implementation of Service Delivery Approaches Workgroup recommendations.

An update on provider payments was provided. Council members were asked to review the proposed council meeting dates and let the Bureau know if they do not work. Bob Cammarata suggested the establishment of a Finance Workgroup, as a result of changes to the use of insurance, to look at alternate resources and the impact of the use of insurance on Early Intervention. Ms. Tarr recognized that the establishment of a finance workgroup is a good idea and requested that the suggestion be tabled until the next meeting so that more thought can be given to it.

There is no word on expanding the council membership. The Bureau has not been notified of new appointments.


The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.