June 28, 2012 Communications Committee Meeting


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Communication Committee Members and Staff.  The public is welcome to attend.


June 28, 2012, 2:00p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • Metropolis 2020
    30 West Monroe, 13th Floor
    Chicago, IL
  • 823 E Monroe
    Springfield, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Status of Reports & Legislation
    1. Raise the Age
    2. SB2151 - Sex Offender Bill
    3. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study
      1. Status of Implementation
        1. Communications
        2. Reentry Committee Update
    4. Youth Engagement
  5. Annual Report
  6. Communications Strategies
    1. Website
    2. Messaging
    3. Social Marketing
    4. Three Year Plan Adaptation Update
  7. Other Items / Next Steps
  8. Next meeting date
    July 26, 2012
  9. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 2:12 pm.
  2. Roll Call: Co-Chairman Esther Franco-Payne, Co-Chairman Julie Biehl. Commissioner Lisa Jacobs. Staff: Candice Jones, Julie Stremlau, Lin Ferguson, Rob Vickery, Donna Taylor, Michele Arnold, Stephanie Kollman. Guests: Interns of Metropolis. Quorum declared present.
  3. Approval of Minutes: Co-Chairman Julie Biehl made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 24, 2012, meeting. The motion was seconded by Co-Chairman Esther Franco-Payne. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passes.
  4. Status of Reports & Legislation
    1. Raise the Age: Commissioner Jacobs proposed that there be a meeting next week to assess the information we have and what we need. It is unclear when AOIC is going to provide their data. Commissioner Jacobs and Stephanie Kollman will develop a plan for completing the report including an outline with a point-by-point structure for discussion at the next Communications Meeting.
      Chairman Franco-Payne proposes that we maintain our strict timeline, because we have made promises to the Commission concerning completion dates.
    2. SB2151 - Sex Offender Bill: Commissioner Jacobs reported that Anita Weinberg provided an update on the project, but, but she has not yet reviewed it. The data collection form needs to be revised. Rob will edit the form with Anita and send the form out to Committee members. Rob will also coordinate to review DJJ files. The literature review is ready to be analyzed. Candice Jones and Commissioner Franco-Payne will ask Commissioner Griffin to review it.
      Co-Chairman Biehl suggested that the Juvenile Sex Offender Report be written using the following outline:
      1. What did we investigate and why
      2. Methodology used to investigate
      3. Preliminary findings
      4. Findings
      5. Proposed recommendations
    3. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study:
      1. Status of Implementation
        1. Communications: Planning for Summit ongoing. Chairman Timberlake will be setting up a meeting with DJJ and Candice has initiated an email. Working on the agenda. Bart Lubow will be key note speaker. Panel members will include Representative Gabel, Chairman Timberlake and Commissioner Biehl. Betsy Clark will discuss legislative reform. Youth Outreach Services was recommended to discuss serving as a Reentry grantee. Breakout groups will meet over lunch. Need to decide what types of hand-outs we want to circulate. Co-Chairman Franco-Payne suggested making black/white copies of the report.
      2. Reentry Committee Update:
        1. Cost/Benefits Analysis
    4. Youth Engagement: YNC has helped youth submit application to serve as a Youth Commissioner. Commissioner Arnetra Jackson is in the finals for Public Ally as an AmeriCorps volunteer. Michele Arnold suggested a meeting to discuss plans. Michelle will follow up with Candice to suggest a date. Commissioner Jacobs asked that we consider Curtis Werner as a youth commissioner. The Children's Home is willing to act as a support for him to serve as a commissioner. Commissioner Nelson said that he would like to come to a Communications meeting, because he knows several kids who are interested in becoming youth Commissioners.
  5. Annual Report: Jim Bray forwarded his report, but has questions about statistics and would like to include stats that would strengthen the report. Committee's recommendations will be relayed to Jim Bray. Discussion of the following sections:
    • Arrest Data: Will use ICJIA 3 year report which includes DMC and girls data; Admissions Data; 2009 data has Technical Violations: Already published; Population Data: In 3 year report; Recidivism Data: Will ask Erica Hughes what she has on recidivism.
    • Innovations: Make a statement that we want to move Illinois toward innovation such as facility closures, culture change and community services.
    • Executive Summary: Include Recommendations and make a statement detailing what we've done and what we've contributed to the system. We have determined where the gaps are, what is and isn't working and what needs to be done. Will add a note that the data we have is from 2009.
    • Introduction: Make note that the Commission has new energy, innovations and improvements. Make a statement about the budget cuts to programs and how that impacts youth and communities.
    • Research: Our reports and include core requirements. Grants: Jim wants to include graphs and explain purposes.
    • Recommendations: Refer back to Innovation Section.
  6. Communications Strategies
    1. Website: The site has been secured. Donna Taylor asked if we can work on the".gov" site. Candice will try to follow-up on this. Feedback has been received on the flow chart that was distributed. Donna will have a final copy by the week of July 18. She asked what imagery they would like on the site. Will rearrange the Areas of Interest drop down box. Drop down box formatting was discussed. Will add more information about the Commission meetings, grants and youth engagement.
    2. Messaging: No report.
    3. Social Marketing: No report.
    4. Three Year Plan Adaptation: Another round of edits were completed today.
  7. Other Items / Next Steps: No report.
  8. Next meeting date:
    The next meeting was changed from Thursday, July 26, 2012 to Monday, July 23, 2012, 2:00 -4:00 p.m.
  9. Adjournment: Commissioner Jacobs made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Co-chair Franco-Payne. All in favor. None opposed. Meeting adjourned at 4:08 p.m.