Transmitting Files for Processing

FTP Transfers

  • After the community agency has been successfully registered with DHS, they may begin transmitting files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
  • Data Ports for FTP Transfers:  if your internet fire wall is configured to block unwanted incoming or outgoing files
    • it will need to be reconfigured to allow Data Port 2021 open and available for initial contact with the DHS server
    • High end Data Ports 11,000 through 12,000 must also be made available for the actual transfer of data files and communication between your computer and the DHS server.


  • Make sure your internet connection is available. (Does your internet browser work?)
  • Select Utilities / Create Files - select the type of file you wish to transfer.
    • Client Information - Creates client case registration information transaction files.
    • Fee for Service - Creates Fee for Services bills, Client Income Records and Provider Data records.
    • Service Reporting/MH Billing - Creates ROCS Service Reporting/MH Billing services and/or adjustments transactions files.
    • Agency Plans - Creates Agency Plan transaction files.

Create FFS Bill file

This screen is used to transmit Fee for Services bill files, Provider Records and Client Income Records.

  • Creation Option
    • New is the default option for any pending records that are ready to be transmitted.
    • Recreate is used to "Recreate" records in submit status that need to be sent in for processing.
  • Destination - always the Internet/FTP
  • Original Creation Date: used when re-creating records stuck in submit status


Click on the CREATE FILE button to start the file transfer.

ROCS will gather all records that are currently in a PENDING or SUBMIT status depending upon the option you selected

The LOGIN screen will appear asking for your User ID and Password

After your login is accepted, follow the instructions on the screen to transmit your files.

Exit when completed.

A Transaction Record is available for printing after the transmission is complete.

Errors During Transmission

There is a FTP Transaction Log available to view on the Create File screen if any problems occur.  The very last entry is the most current transaction.