November 10, 2011 JDAI Sub-Committee Meeting


Open to the public


November 10, 2011

9:30 to 11:30AM


  • 823 E Monroe
    Springfield, IL
  • 401 S Clinton, Think Tank
    7th Floor - Chicago, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Completion of RBA New Site analysis
  5. Prioritizing issues in JDAI
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Adjourn


  1. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 9:36AM.
  2. Roll Call: Chair Rick Velasquez, Co-Chair Ben Roe, Barb Shipp, Randell Strickland and George Hill. Quorum present. Staff: Jeff Bradley, Lin Ferguson, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau.
  3. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were unavailable and will be reviewed at next meeting.
  4. Completion of RBA New Site analysis:
    Jeff Bradley shared the JDAI RBA document. The goals do not only include current JDAI sites but includes those sites that are applying to become JDAI sites. Jeff explained the use of the RBA document and discussed training local champions and using them to implement the program. The issue of county/community/local jurisdiction silos' was discussed and the difficulty involved in getting them to trust/comply with requests from state officials/outsiders. Barb Shipp explained that in Vermilion County she spent so much time working to get a plan up and running that after a while, the people forgot that she didn't live there. Champions need to be trained to get it to the policy makers. Karrie added that the work this Committee does with community puts community in a better place to go after State funds on their own by presenting themselves using the performance measures we are using. We need to demonstrate certain types of models that show successes and prove that they should be funded. Local champions will be added to list.
    Commissioner Hill added that we need to work on areas of the state that are not following the philosophy of JDAI. Chairman Velasquez added that if they are not collecting data we don't know how they are doing. Barb Shipp added that we use data from JMIS to tell us what counties/jurisdictions to select. Commissioner Hill noted that Compliance data must be included. Chairman Velasquez stated that we will be able to create reports on how our state is doing regarding performance measures and where we need to address improving the JDAI principles. Barb Shipp will ask for data in all jurisdictions. It was recommended to compile a list detailing the status of each jurisdiction in relation to the performance measures. This document could be updated annually or biannually and would be helpful with writing the 3 year plan. This information would be used to look at new sites and determine where best to direct our time and effort. We will consult CPRD on identifying the method for putting this report together. Chairman Velasquez motioned to request funding from the Commission. Commissioner Hill made a motion to recommend to the IJJC that some standard and annual report be created through IJJC that includes detention data/information and includes what the jurisdictions do well in the area of JDAI and other juvenile justice reform specific to the inappropriate use of secure detention. Motion seconded by Co-Chair Roe. All in favor, none opposed. Motion passed.
  5. Prioritizing issues in JDAI
    1. DSO/Compliance Report: No report due to contract issues with Youth Network Council.
    2. Transportation Sites Update: Unable to make a determination for Planning and Grants on the Transportation sites, at this time.
  6. Old Business
    1. Social Marketing
    2. Annual JDAI Site Reports
    3. JDAI State Technical Assistance Application
    4. Casey Foundation Annual JDAI Grant: Barb Shipp asked what is the status of our application to Casey to attend conference in New Jersey. The application is complete, but Jeff Bradley thinks we need to run it through the RBA process.
    5. JMIS
      Contracts: Karrie Rueter reported that Tuesday of this week the approval process began, and the contract is being put together today and will be in place as soon as Youth Network Council (YNC) receives it, signs it and returns to us. The contract will be dated the day after it is faxed to them. Susan Cowen will be stepping down as CEO of YNC on 12/16/11. We have an interim CEO appointed and plan to have a new CEO by March 2012. Michelle Arnold will remain as our liaison from YNC. Jeff Bradley has been able to remain as coordinator for JDAI by using Casey funds for his salary.
      Karrie asked the group to consider a strategy for JDAI moving forward to include in the 3 Year Plan. Jeff Bradley and Karrie need assistance from the Committee to complete this information. The application date is October 2012. We need to determine the JDAI plan and understand this as it will be executed immediately and will carry out over 3 years. 
      Karrie asked if a final determination had been made concerning a full time JDAI  person. The Commission has not yet voted on the position. It was essentially tabled at some point in the past. Karrie recommends that this be brought up to the  Commission next week. The question to the Commission should be "if" the  position should be made full time. Chairman Velasquez asked if it is the Committee's desire that the Committee seek a full-time coordinator. The consensus is that there is a need and we will to identify goals that will delineate a motion that the Committee recommend to the IJJC That we are broadening the scope of work for the JDAI Coordinator and need to make the position full time. We also want to add that the commission evaluate the staff and specialists and programs and how programs are handled at the Commission level. Barb Shipp seconded the motion. All in favor.  None opposed. Motion passes.
  7. New Business: Karrie Rueter stated the Reentry RFP will presumably fund 2-4 sites. The RFP will go out by next Friday. She asked the JDAI members the level of oversight they would foresee with Reentry. Should Planning and Grants remain the committee to oversee this program or should it be managed under JDAI . Chairman Velasquez indicated this may be a decision for the full Commission or Planning and Grants. Barb Shipp stated that if there is any component of this program that would further enhance the work of this Committee, she would be in agreement to oversee the program. Will refer to full Commission for consideration.
    Jeff Bradley announced that he is invited to present a panel conversation with
    Susan Broderick, Judge Payne and St. Clair County. He is hopeful that he will have the opportunity to present at this conference twice a year.
  8. Adjourn: Barb Shipp made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Roe seconded the motion. All in favor. Meeting adjourned at 11:43 a.m.