Please see the "Attachments" folder on the Program Director Policy and Procedure Manual CD.  Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required to view documents provided in PDF format.  To request these documents in an alternative format (e.g., text-only, large print, Braille, etc.), please contact AmeriCorp at 800-592-9896.

  1. Certificate of Appreciation (pdf)
  2. Training and Technical Assistance Provider List (pdf)
  3. Medical Review Form (pdf)
  4. Reasonable Accommodations Request Procedure (pdf)
  5. Reasonable Accommodations Request Form (pdf)
  6. Reasonable Accommodation Monitoring Report (pdf)
  7. Reasonable Accommodations Appeal of Denial (pdf)
  8. DCFS Authorization for Background Check (pdf)
  9. Member Service Agreement Template (pdf)
  10. Member Enrollment Form (pdf)
  11. Member Exit Form (pdf)
  12. Slot Conversion and Transfer Policy (pdf)
  13. Child Care Checklist (pdf)
  14. AmeriCorps Child Care Benefits Eligibility Application (pdf)
  15. Health Insurance Enrollment Questionnaire (pdf)
  16. Loan Forbearance Request Form (pdf)
  17. Interest Accrual Form (pdf)
  18. Memorandum Regarding Prohibited Activities (pdf)
  19. Program Start-up Checklist (pdf)
  20. Administrative and Financial Systems Checklist (pdf)
  21. Getting Members Started Checklist (pdf)
  22. Sample Timesheet (pdf)
  23. Federal Register, DOCID fr20ap01-79 (pdf)
  24. Illinois Administrative Rules, Section 2732.215 (pdf)
  25. Changes in Supplemental Security Income Memorandum (pdf)
  26. CNCS Letter Regarding the HEART Act (pdf)
  27. Member File Checklist (pdf)
  28. Program Review Instrument (pdf)
  29. Host Site Supervisor Evaluation Form (pdf)
  30. Financial Status Report (pdf)
  31. Equipment Inventory (pdf)
  32. Inventory of Residual Supplies (pdf)
  33. Certification of Subgrant Closeout (pdf)
  34. Pre-Site Visit Checklist (pdf)
  35. AmeriCorps Member Evaluation (pdf)
  36. AmeriCorps State Program Evaluation (pdf)
  37. AmeriCorps Member Handbook (pdf)
  38. Program Directory (pdf)
  39. Tutorial PowerPoints:
    1. Create and Manage an eGrants Account (pdf)
    2. Frequently Asked Questions 2 (pdf)
    3. Member Enrollment Presentation State (pdf)
    4. Member Recruitment Presentation State (pdf)
    5. My AmeriCorps Overview S&N Vista Final (pdf)
    6. Reporting as an Information Tool (pdf)
    7. Users Roles and Management Implementing State 2 (pdf)
    8. Users Roles and Managment Understanding Planning State Final (pdf)