2010-2011 AmeriCorps Program Director Manual

A Resource for State Program Directors

The program's goals are getting things done, strengthening communities, and encouraging responsibilities.  Members receive educational awards in return for services.  The AmeriCorps network consists of a wide variety of diverse programs in every state of the nation.

The 2010 Illinois AmeriCorps Program Director Policy and Procedure Manual has been specifically designed by the Serve Illinois Commission as a guide for those who administer Illinois AmeriCorps programs.  The manual will assist in detailing the process for monitoring, supporting, and evaluating programs and, above all, for working collaboratively to make AmeriCorps program in Illinois successful.

The Illinois AmeriCorps Program Director Policy and Procedure Manual has been developed to help those who are newcomers to their positions to gain a general understanding of the management functions for overseeing the AmeriCorps program/sites and their portfolio.  It is intended to:

  • Provide a road map for AmeriCorps grantee/site management
  • Lay out a typical administrator's general work load
  • Illustrate legal requirements
  • Show where there is both control and flexibility to shape each AmeriCorps program

For more information, please visit www.Serve.Illinois.gov.

Contact Information

Phone:  800-592-9896

Fax:  217-557-0515

TTY:  888-261-2713

Email:  dhs.serveillinois@illinois.gov

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction 

  • Purpose of the Manual
  • Laws, Regulations and Provisions
  • Grant Agreement

Chapter 2 - Illinois Commission on Volunteerism & Community Service

  • A Brief History of National Service
  • National Service Programs
  • National Days of Service
  • Organization
  • Illinois Commission History
  • Illinois Commissioner List
  • State Volunteer Recognition
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Commission Training
  • Collaboration

Chapter 3 - Program Startup and Support

  • Recruitment
  • ADA Accommodations
  • Disability Outreach
  • Background Checks
  • Nondiscrimination Laws
  • Orientation
  • Service Gear
  • Material Request
  • Member Service Agreement
  • Member Status
  • Member Slots
  • Tutoring
  • Living Allowance
  • Education Award
  • Child Care
  • Health Insurance
  • Medicaid
  • Loan Forbearance/Interest Accrual
  • Prohibited Activities
  • Allowable Activities
  • Check Lists

Chapter 4 - Member Supervision

  • Grievance Procedure
  • Drug Free Work Place
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Timesheets

Chapter 5 - Public Assistance Programs

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Benefits (SNAP), Public Hearing, Unemployment
  • Public Assistance Procedures (TANF and Medicaid)
  • Supplemental Social Security

Chapter 6 - Fiscal Reporting and Records Retention

  • General Information
  • Match
  • Budget Modification
  • Fiscal Reports
  • Final Reports
  • Deductions
  • Sustainability
  • My AmeriCorps and OnCorps
  • Records Retention
  • Resources

Chapter 7 - Program Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Purpose of Monitoring
  • Monitoring Visits
  • High-Risk Site Visits
  • Monitoring Check Lists
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Recruitment/Retention
  • Program Close-Out
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Program Evaluation

Chapter 8 - Attachments

  1. Certificate of Appreciation
  2. Training and Technical Assistance Provider List
  3. Medical Review Form
  4. Reasonable Accommodations Request Procedure
  5. Reasonable Accommodations Request Form
  6. Reasonable Accommodation Monitoring Report
  7. Reasonable Accommodations Appeal of Denial
  8. DCFS Authorization for Background Check
  9. Member Service Agreement Template
  10. Member Enrollment Form
  11. Member Exit Form
  12. Slot Conversion and Transfer Policy
  13. Child Care Checklist
  14. AmeriCorps Child Care Benefits Eligibility Application
  15. Health Insurance Enrollment Questionnaire
  16. Loan Forbearance Request Form
  17. Interest Accrual Form
  18. Memorandum Regarding Prohibited Activities
  19. Program Start-up Checklist
  20. Administrative and Financial Systems Checklist
  21. Getting Members Started Checklist
  22. Sample Timesheet
  23. Federal Register, DOCID fr20ap01-79
  24. Illinois Administrative Rules, Section 2732.215
  25. Changes in Supplemental Security Income Memorandum
  26. CNCS Letter Regarding the HEART Act
  27. Member File Checklist
  28. Program Review Instrument
  29. Host Site Supervisor Evaluation Form
  30. Financial Status Report
  31. Equipment Inventory
  32. Inventory of Residual Supplies
  33. Certification of Subgrant Closeout
  34. Pre-Site Visit Review Tool
  35. AmeriCorps Member Evaluation
  36. AmeriCorps State Program Evaluation
  37. AmeriCorps Member Handbook
  38. Program Directory
  39. Tutorial PowerPoints