Tinley Park Mental Health Center – GRF

FY12 Budget - Change by Line Item - GRF

Staff (June 30th) GRF

FY11 Request FY11 Adj. FY11 EOY FY12 Adj. FY12 Request
Staff (June 30th) 195.6 195.6 195.6

Appropriations GRF

Appropriation Name FY11 Approp. FY11 Adj. FY11 Est. Exp. FY12 Adj. FY12 Request
Network Transition $20,525.7 $20,525.7 $838.9 $21,364.6
Total Appropriation $20,525.7 $20,525.7 $838.9 $21,364.6

FY12 Adjustments GRF

Adjustments Description Amount
Network Transition Personal Services Pricing Adjustment, including annualization of FY11 COLA and funding for FY12 COLA and Steps for Bargaining Unit Employees $779.7; Social Security annualized at of 7.65% $59.2 $838.9