February 9, 2011 Planning & Grants Sub-Committee Meeting


Februaruy 9, 2011


  • 55 E. Monroe
    30th Floor
    Chicago, IL
  • 400 W. Lawrence
    Springfield, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Review of Title II Formula Application (Draft)
  5. Reentry RFP (Continued Development)
  6. DJJ's VDISC Proposal (Review of Supplemental Information from DJJ)
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. New Business
  9. Adjournment


I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:08am. Commissioner Jacobs noted that, because the Commission's briefing on its "parole study" was rescheduled due to inclement weather, this Planning and Grants Committee meeting would be limited in time.

II. Roll Call

Commissioners: Chairman Lisa Jacobs, Roseanna Ander, Gene Griffin, IJJC Chairman George Timberlake. Quorum declared present. Commissioners Esther Franco-Payne, Julie Biehl and Edith Crigler were also present.
Staff: Julie Stremlau

III. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were distributed prior to the meeting. Commissioner Jacobs asked if there were any concerns. None noted. Commissioner Griffin moved to approve January 12, 2011 minutes. Commissioner Ander seconded the motion. All in favor minutes approved.

IV. Review of Title II Formula Application (Draft)

Commissioner Jacobs explained that the 2011 (one year) Title II Application is due to OJJDP at the end of March. Commissioner Jacobs provided the group with an outline of the 3-Year plan, which was submitted in 2009. She explained that the 2011 Title II application would need to contain some discussion of what activities and funding has occurred in alignment with that 3-Year plan and what activities, goals and funding targets have changed since that time.  Commissioners discussed how the 3-Year plans are developed, with the understanding that the next 3-Year plan will be due in March 2012.

Commissioner Griffin explained that specific information from various disciplines was given to Karrie Rueter for inclusion into the plan and noted that the plan is typically written in a broad manner so as to leave the option of directing services in a variety of areas.
Commissioner Jacobs indicated that she would work with staff to incorporate the input received from other Commissioners so that a draft application could be available to the Committee at the Planning and Grants meeting on March 9th, with final presentation to the full Commission on March 16th.

V. Reentry RFP (Continued Development)

Commissioner Jacobs presented the current draft of the Commission's Reentry Initiative overview. She indicated that the working group was meeting via conference call each week and that the next call would be Tuesday, February 14th at 9:00am. Commissioner Jacobs will circulate the call-in information for anyone who would like to participate. The biggest question seems to be the amount of the grant. Should the amount remain at the initial $500,000 or be increased to $750,000. The Commissioners discussed at length the benefits of the increased amount and the current amount. IJJC Chairman Timberlake stated that the applications we will receive will vary. There seems to be an issue of whether to have a broad spectrum of services as designated from the communities requesting the grant or to be guided by Director Bishop and DJJ on what they determine to be the most useful and affective areas of Reentry to address. At this point, Commissioner Biehl prefers the smaller amount and greater distribution. IJJC Chairman Timberlake added that counties across the State are very different but most have the same lack of resources for reentry support.

There was discussion concerning letters of intent and planning grants. Commissioner Franco-Payne asked if the Commission decides upon these amounts then what happens later on in terms of budgeting and continuing funding. Commissioner Jacobs stated that JABG funding would be a perfect fit for reentry. Commissioner Griffin prefers supporting Director Bishop and DJJ rather than the open-ended community approach. DJJ and Parole would not receive the money directly but would facilitate its use in the best manner. Commissioner Griffin stated that the focus could be on areas or parts of the system that are never addressed. The call in information for the next meeting will be distributed. Further action steps and recommendations will follow.

VI. DJJ's VDISC Proposal (Review of Supplemental Information from DJJ)

Commissioner Jacobs reminded Committee members that, in January, the Commission had asked that Planning and Grants review the written proposal of the Department for VDISC funding, in the amount of $100,000. She noted that the Executive Committee has been authorized to make a final decision on this proposal, with the recommendation of Planning and Grants.

Ms. Jacobs referred to the DJJ VDISC proposal was distributed to members prior to the meeting. Commissioner Griffin asked whether the proposal answered the questions the Commission raised and, following a more detailed review of the documentation, the Committee agreed that the Commission's questions had been answered adequately. Commissioner Jacobs motioned to approve. Commissioner Griffin seconded. All in favor, motion passed. Note: Planning and Grants stipulated that the Executive Committee could review and make the final determination on this proposal. It will be reviewed by the Executive Committee on February 16th.

VII. Strategic Planning

Commissioner Jacobs reported that a training on Results Based Accountability and its data elements, methodology and application to Commission work was being planned for March.

VIII. New Business

Commissioner Jacobs stated there are three new items for consideration: a proposal for funding from BARJ, Youth Involvement strategies and the Raise the Age project budget. Commissioner Jacobs and Commissioner Crigler reported that the Illinois Balanced and Restorative Justice project is requesting organizational funding. The Commission will need to respond to this unsolicited request for funding.

Commissioner Biehl consulted with Marianne Kaba for her input on increasing youth involvement. They established a variety of ideas, some involve funding and others do not. Further information will be shared on this topic with the Executive Committee for consideration.

Commissioner Jacobs shared a hand out with the group on the Raise the Age report required legislatively of the Commission. She and Commissioner Biehl noted that there are five components to this project - including legal analysis, data analysis, practitioner input, drafting and communications aspects - and that the report is due December 31, 2011. The Commission has approved $75,000 to assist the Communications Committee in completing this report. The project team has debated the amount of resources needed to complete this work but does not yet have clear answers. However, the team does believe that the $75,000 project budget should represent the maximum funding needed.

IX. Adjournment

Chairman Timberlake motioned to adjourn. Commissioner Griffin seconded the motion. All in favor, meeting adjourned at 10:00am.