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We provide businesses with sustainable, no-cost and low cost strategies to recruit, train, and retain the skilled workforce needed to thrive. Your partnership with DRS gives you access to our qualified vocational rehabilitation professionals. Here are some of the valuable benefits we can provide:

  • Job Analysis - DRS staff can work with you to assess the requirements of your jobs and match them to the skills of our candidates. We can help identify appropriate accommodations and assistive technologies to "bridge the gap" between job needs and employee abilities. We can even help you analyze the needs of new or changing jobs to ensure that you can retain valuable employees in their current positions.
  • Job Coaches - DRS can provide job coaches to assist qualified individuals with disabilities in learning or re-learning how to perform their job.
  • Training - DRS Rehabilitation Staff can provide trainings to employers on a local or statewide level, including topics related to Disability Awareness, Americans with Disabilities Act and Disability Inclusion.
  • Job Accommodations/Technical Assistance: DRS can assist in locating sign language interpreters, assistive devices, occupational tools, customized training, education, getting your return-to-work employees back to work and other DRS job related services.

Financial Incentives

There are several financial incentives that are available to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities. DRS can help you take advantage of these:

  • On the Job Evaluations (OJE) are wages reimbursed to the employer for evaluating if an individual with a disability can perform the duties of a certain job.
  • On the Job Training (OJT) reimburses an employer a negotiated wage if an individual with a disability that they hire needs certain kinds of training.
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) provides a tax credit for employers who hire certain targeted low-income groups, including vocational rehabilitation candidates and Social Security Administration (SSI/SSDI) recipients.

Whether you have specific question about accommodating an employee in the workplace or are looking for ways to diversifying your workforce or are looking for ways to diversifying your workforce throughout the state, we look forward to partnering with your business and providing solutions to your employment needs.

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