04.02.11 - Infant Daily Care Record Instructions

Infant Daily Care Record Instructions Policy Number and Last Update


To keep a record of the infant's daily health, nutrition, and routine care activities;
To communicate these activities to the parents.


Fill in the child's whole name and current date.

Sleeping Time (From/To):

Fill in the beginning and ending times; Put a dot at the beginning time and ending time and connect both dots with a line.

Remember: The eating and sleeping schedule of each baby should match their home schedules as much as possible. Check the child's enrollment papers for this information.


Fill in the time that the child ate, how much was eaten, and what was eaten for each feeding; If you are introducing a new food, list it in RED.

Diaper Changes (Time/Condition of Stool):

List each diaper change by circling the diaper's condition in the appropriate time box. If the child has an unusual bowel movement (such as diarrhea, foul smell, discolored, etc.) circle in red, describe it, and write the time in the box labeled: "Condition of the Stool" and report it to the Health Coordinator.

Bath Time:

Fill in the time that the child was bathed that day.


This form is to be done in duplicate daily. Put one copy in the child's file and send the other copy home daily. Teachers should introduce this form and explain it at the Parent Fair or during the first home visit. This form is important for home/center communication in caring for infants, and it is also a licensing requirement.