03.04.01e - Bi-Weekly Staffing Procedures

Bi-Weekly Staffing Procedures Policy Number and Last Update

The Delegate Director is responsible for scheduling, managing, and documenting the bi-weekly meeting, and may not delegate this task. The purpose of the staffing is to plan a course of action to meet an extraordinary need of any child, including those with a known or suspected disability. MSHS confidentiality policy applies to all information disclosed during the course of the discussion.

  • Participants prepare for the staffing by reviewing each family and/or child's file to select those that need to be discussed in the staffing.
  • Participants present names of children who fit the above-mentioned criteria for discussion. Every staffing will include an up-date of progress of each child with a disability and each one still involved in a diagnostic process.
  • Each child's case is discussed individually; all pertinent information is reviewed, e.g. screening results, family data, health information, teacher observations, home visit information.
  • The group formulates a plan of action to address each concern, to find out more information, if necessary; to refer; to pursue technical assistance for teachers; to provide parents information; to begin a diagnostic process, etc.
  • The director will decide who is to be responsible for each action and a date for its completion.
  • During the meeting, the director fills out the Bi-Weekly Staffing Report, and later files it. Participants sign the sign-in sheet, which is attached to the report and filed.
  • At subsequent staffings, the previous report is reviewed and the cases continued if necessary. New cases are begun using the same process. A separate report is written for each meeting, so that a child's case can be tracked from introduction to termination throughout the season, including transition to another program, school, or location.