03.02.05 - Illinois Health Insurance Plans

Illinois Health Insurance Plans Policy Number and Last Update (03.02.05/01-2011)

All state and federal health insurance plans in Illinois fall under the umbrella of All Kids. Enrollee's medical benefit cards say "All Kids. Governor Blagojevich's Healthcare Programs for Families - Family Care - Moms & Babies". However, the type of plan a family is enrolled in can be determined by card color, co-payments, and/or premiums.

All Kids Assist (Medicaid): Children enrolled in All Kids Assist have household income up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). All Kids Assist receives a 50% federal match in funding. Enrollees receive a white Medi-Plan card. There are no co-payments or premiums for children enrolled in Assist.

All Kids Share [State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP, formerly KidCare)]: The All Kids Share (SCHIP) program has been administratively combined with Medicaid in Illinois. These plans are no longer administered as two separate programs. Children enrolled in All Kids Share have household incomes above 133% of the FPL up to 150% of FPL. Enrollees receive yellow medical cards. Children enrolled in this plan, pay a copayment of $3 for most medical visits and prescriptions. All Kids Share receives a 65% federal match in funding.

All Kids Premium Level 1 (SCHIP, formerly Kidcare): The All Kids Premium Level 1 program was also combined with Medicaid. These plans are all administered as one program in Illinois. Children enrolled in All Kids Premium Level 1 may have a household income of 150% of the FPL up to 200% of FPL. There is a 65% federal match in funding for all Kids Premium Level 1, like All Kids Share.

All Kids Premium Levels 2-8: All Kids Premium Levels 2-8 is for children ages 18 or younger whose household income exceeds 200% of the FPL. All Kids Premium Levels 2-8 is funded with state dollars only and is administered separate from the Medicaid/SCHIP combined program(s). Children enrolled in All Kids Premium Levels 2-8 pay reasonable premiums and co-payments.

Categorizing Illinois State Health Insurances on the PIR

Child and Family Services - Health Insurance of Children Section of the PIR.

Of the children with health insurance, the number whose primary insurance fits into the following categories:

PIR Question/Category Who Counts? How do you know?
a. Enrolled in Medicaid/EPSDT Zero Illinois Head Start children are counted here, given that the Illinois Medicaid/State CHIP programs are now combined. N/A
b. Enrolled in State CHIP program (if the state runs a separate program). Zero children are counted here, since IL does not run a separate program. N/A
c. Enrolled in a combined State CHIP/Medicaid program. The children with white and yellow insurance cards who are enrolled in All Kids Assist (Medicaid), All Kids Share and All Kids Premium Level 1 are counted here. White insurance cards with no comments about co-pay or premium and annual family income 133% of less FPL. Yellow cards with comment about co-pays or premiums, and annual family income 133% - 200% FPL.
d. Enrolled in a State-only funded insurance program. Count only the children enrolled in All Kids Premium Levels 2-8, with annual family incomes that exceed 200% of FPL, here. Family income more than 200% FPL.
e. The number with private health insurance. The children with insurance other than the programs described above are counted here. Insurance cads that are not All Kids.
f. The number with health insurance not listed above (comments required).

For more information, visit www.allkids.com or call 1-866-255-5437.
IL State Health Insurances Description Related to PIR. 6.07