02.04.02 - Interagency Meetings

Interagency Meetings


  1. To exchange information about the services each organization provides, including changes in policies and eligibility.
  2. To recognize staff from each agency, and the extent and limitations of their responsibilities.
  3. To discuss the referral system and procedures for service delivery.
  4. To exchange information about each agency's procedure for client grievances or complaints.
  5. To avoid duplication of efforts, and avoid omission of service provision.
  6. To identify needs for additional services, especially for seasonal families.
  7. To plan and make the changes needed for seasonal families.


  1. Hold one meeting each season, sponsored by the IMSHSP delegate, and attend all meetings sponsored by other community agencies.
  2. Designate a staff member to be the delegate's community liaison (the Disabilities Services Coordinator could act as such).
  3. At delegate meetings, and besides the above points, discuss community assessment, make community efforts to promote and create change, considering the pressing needs of seasonal families in new communities (i.e. need for translation at state offices, schools, and doctor's offices, plus the need for reliable transportation to medical appointments and others, etc.)
  4. Encourage parents' participation at these community meetings.