02.02.06e - Child Absence Procedure

Child Absence Procedure Policy Number and Last Update

  • Each delegate and partner must have a designated staff person to collect attendance and to record children's absences.
  • Teachers or the designated staff member will complete the "Three-Day Absence" form after the third consecutive day of a child's absence, and will submit it to the FSC.
  • The same day, the FSC will conduct a home visit and complete the form. (02.05.24)
  • If there is a need to follow-up, the FSC will discuss it with the Director and a plan of action will be developed.
  • The "Three-Day Absence" form should be filed in the family's file.

The following clarifies when a child's enrollment should be officially terminted:

  • Following the Child Absence Procedure (above), the FSC will make a home visit on the third day of a child's absence to determine why the child is not coming to the center.
  • If the child is ill or injured, he/she is given an excused absence and his/her slot at the center will be held until he/she is able to return, no matter how long it may take.
  • If the family is not sending the child for any other reason, this is an unexcused absence. The FSC will inform the family that after 5 program days of unexcused absence, the child's enrollment could be terminated if his/her slot is needed by a child on the waiting list.
  • If the center has a waiting list and the child is still absent, unexcused -after 5 program days, his/her enrollment should be terminated and another child enrolled from the waiting list. Every reasonable effort will be made to have the child attend regularly, but will not be dropped until his/her slot is needed by another child.
  • If need be, a notation will be made in the attendance records as to why the percentage is below 85%.
  • If a family leaves the area, the child is dropped, and re-enrolled when they return to the area, if the slot is still available. The FSC will need to make a re-determination of the agricultural working requirement; no other paperwork will need to be re-done. Notify the teacher prior to the child's first day of attendance.

Center Closing

The grantee will determine, based on the Community Assessment, the opening and closing days of the centers at the time of approving the funding application. These may change during the course of the season due to weather or crop conditions, or other mitigating circumstances. However, the delegate or partner may not close a center without prior approval of IDHS Migrant and Seasonal Head Start.