01.05.13 - Delegate Cell Phone Policy

Delegate Cell Phone Policy Number and Last Update

Use of personal cell phones during work hours charged to IMSHS grant:


Employee time spent making personal calls is not work time and constitutes a willful misappropriation of federal resources.


  1. Only calls of 5 minutes' duration may be authorized during working hours:
    The use of IMSHS phones, or personal cell phones, is limited to: calls within the local commuting area to advise family members or child-care providers of a change in schedule; calls to locations within the local commuting area that can be reached only during working hours, such as a local government agency or a physician; calls to locations within the local commuting area to arrange for emergency repairs to her car or residence; calls made during travel for official business to announce safe arrival, delay, or change in plans (the delegate will reimburse safe-arrival calls up to $3 with documentation for the call).
  2. An employee may use regularly-scheduled break time (20 minutes per day) to make a personal call on her own phone.
  3. No employee may leave her post to answer a personal cell phone or pager.
  4. No employee traveling to or from the center, or on center business, may use a cell phone while driving a personal or program vehicle.
  5. Employees should report all instances of alleged or suspected misuse of phones in IMSHS centers to their immediate supervisors, the agency board of directors, and Illinois Department of Human Services MSHS office at 217-524-6318. All reports to IDHS must be kept confidential.