01.05.05 - Conference Attendance

Conference Attendance Policy Number and Last Update


Migrant & Seasonal Head Start supports staff attendance of conferences, workshops or seminars that correspond to individuals' staff development plans, and which relate directly to performance of their jobs. Training is an investment in program improvement, and is not meant to reward staff for work.


  1. Follow IMSHSP Staff development procedures.
  2. When announcements and preliminary programs of conferences arrive at the center, match the training sessions offered with needs listed on staff development plans.
  3. Set priorities for expenditure of training funds, with first priority always being reaching Head Start requirements for qualifications.
  4. For travel out of Illinois, submit a request to the grantee office for approval. (Costs of un-approved travel will be disallowed.)
  5. Do not fund training for staff that will leave the program within one or two years.
  6. Do not pay for staff training that does not directly correspond to an employee's position and training need.