01.04.04 - Transition Services Coordinator Job Description

Transition Services Coordinator Job Description Policy Number and Last Update (01.04.04/01-2011)

Title: Transition Services Coordinator

Responsible To:



General Summary

It is the role of the IMSHSP Transition Services Coordinator (TSC) to assist migrant children and their families as they face multiple transitions associated with the need to move in search of agricultural work. To reduce the amount of time it takes to establish continuity of health and disabilities services, the TSC helps families to reconnect to agencies and providers In the McAllen, TX area after they leave Illinois in the fall. As families begin to travel back to Illinois in the spring, the TSC assists with this transition also. The Transition Services Coordinator is responsible to the Illinois Migrant Head Start Health Services Manager and Disabilities Services Manager for fulfilling the terms of the contract.


The Transition Services Coordinator must:

  1. Be bilingual (English-Spanish);
  2. Possess knowledge of the Texas service area and the population served;
  3. Have strong oral and written communication skills and basic computer literacy;
  4. Have the ability to travel extensively, and to work weekends and evenings on occasions (valid driver's license, regular access to a reliable vehicle and vehicle liability insurance required);
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the Head Start philosophy;
  6. Be self-directed, goal oriented, organized, and have the ability to work effectively with other people.

It is preferred that the individual has a post-secondary degree in the areas of ECE, Health, Human or Disabilities Services. A demonstrated combination of relevant experience, training and exhibited skills may be considered in lieu of degree requirements.

Duties, Functions and Responsibilities:

  1. Provides approximately 35 to 40 hours of service per week in the McAllen, Texas area from November through April.
  2. Works closely with Illinois delegate agencies and Grantee staff to ensure satisfactory and smooth transitions of children with incomplete medical or dental treatment, ongoing medical needs and disability service needs; including ensuring transfer of all pertinent records.
  3. Identifies and develops interagency relationships with existing Head Start programs, medical and dental service providers, LEAs and EIs, Texas Migrant Council, WIC and other local agencies in the McAllen area.
  4. Collaborates with the Illinois Project Max Even Start's Texas program through sharing of office and other resources and making joint home visits, when feasible.
  5. In collaboration with parents, develops written follow-up plans and arranges appointments for needed services.
  6. Assists parents, as needed, with identifying resources for payment of services; including helping with completion of required applications.
  7. Obtains informed signed parental consent and release of information for all services, secures records of services provided to children while in Texas.
  8. Accompanies children, with parents, to appointments to provide transportation and translation, as needed.
  9. Acts as an advocate for children and families if they encounter problems in service delivery.
  10. Educates parents on the importance of preventive health care, continuity of services, and keeping records; on their rights and responsibilities; on their child's specific condition; and other topics identified.
  11. Educates parents on availability of early childhood programs in the McAllen area by distributing updated booklet of programs available.
  12. Contacts the TMC Migrant Head Start, employment recruiters, crew leaders and others to identify those children who will travel to Illinois. Assists those families with transfer of needed records.
  13. Maintains detailed, accurate, and up-to-date health and disability records and files, and always follows the IMSHSP Confidentiality Policy.
  14. Tracks the progress of all services and maintains complete and accurate documentation of all activities per prescribed procedures.
  15. Becomes familiar with the Texas Child Abuse and Neglect Laws and, as a mandated reporter, reports any suspected cases per required procedures.
  16. Maintains well-supplied and organized office.
  17. Submits written accountability of time and travel bi-weekly.
  18. Reports to the Grantee Managers through scheduled telephone meetings, monthly written reports and tracking system.
  19. Contacts the Grantee Managers for technical assistance, as needed.