Kankakee County

The Kankakee County Redeploy Illinois program utilizes a decentralized model that matches participating youth and their families to service providers contingent on the specific needs assessed. Most of the services provided in the Kankakee Redeploy Illinois Program reflected an expansion of existing services rather than an introduction of new services. These include "Parenting with Love and Limits" (PLL), Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), and anger management therapy ("Thinking for a Change"). Other services offered in Kankakee emphasize the importance of providing services to the youth's parents or guardians as well as the youth, and include:

  • Educational, vocational and tutoring services offered through the Kankakee Regional Office of Education and Kankakee Community College
  • In home therapy services for the youth and their families
  • GPS monitoring as an intermediate sanction for youth demonstrating noncompliance with Redeploy Illinois
  • Parent/support resource group offered at the Helen Wheeler Center to help the youth's parents or guardians better manage school problems and to access other community resources.