PM 01-08-02: Denial Due to Excess Home Equity

WAG 01-08-02


Use the following criteria to determine whether to approve a hardship waiver for a person with Revised texthome equity over the allowable amount. See WAG 25-03-02 (2)Revised textLTC-ADI will consider:

  • the amount of time the person has resided in and owned the home;
  • whether a substantial increase in property values occurred in the home's geographic area after the person purchased the home;
  • whether the home comprises a substantial portion of the person's resources;
  • whether the person intends to return to the home;
  • whether the home can be sold if the person does not intend to return; or, if the home cannot be sold, whether it can produce income commensurate with similar income-producing properties in the geographic area; 
  • whether credible and convincing evidence is presented that the person has taken all equitable and legal means to access the equity value;
  • whether the denial of assistance would force the person to move, or prevent the person from joining his or her spouse in a facility, or from entering a facility in close proximity to family.