Benefits & Features

Benefits of the Illinois Debit MasterCard®

  • Payments Available Quickly - no waiting for a check in the mail. Your payments are posted directly to your debit card.
  • Get Cash Faster - No trip to the currency exchange to cash your check.  Get cash at ATMs, at bank teller windows, or at your favorite merchant location displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.
  • Shop with it - Use your Illinois Debit MasterCard® at merchant locations worldwide, wherever the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark is displayed. You may also ask for "cash back" with your purchase. There are no charges for point-of-sale transactions using your signature or PIN.
  • Notification of Payments - Sign up to receive phone or email notifications when payments are loaded to your account.
  • Customer Service - Free unlimited access.  Once the card has been activated, you may access information about your account from Customer Service.
  • Receive Monthly Statements - A monthly paper statement will itemize and track payments for services you perform and your purchases or withdrawals. 
  • Secure - You must authorize DHS to deposit your payments to your Illinois Debit MasterCard® account. Your account is protected by YOUR secret code (PIN) and is FDIC insured.

Special Features Available to You

  • Access Account Information - Available via our Customer Service help line.
  • Automated Deposit Notification - Select this feature from the web or toll free number to activate, and receive notification by phone, text or email.
  • Low Balance Alert - Select this feature from the toll free number and have the system send you an alert by phone, text, or email when your balance falls below this level.
  • Monthly Paper Statements - Your monthly statement is mailed to the personal address of your Illinois Debit MasterCard account.