March 11, 2009 PLANNING & GRANTS Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
IL Dept. of Public Health, Penta Building, Springfield

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 9:43 AM.

Roll Call

Commissioners: George Hill, Wayne Straza (Vice Chairman), Gene Griffin, Andrew Jones, Patricia Connell and Rev. Charles Collins.  Quorum declared present.

Staff: Mary O'Brien, Julie Stremlau, Deborah McCarrel, Karrie Rueter, Miguel Millett and Ron Smith.

Approval of Minutes

Gene Griffin motioned, Wayne Straza seconded the motion.  Minutes approved with a recommendation to adjust the minutes to reflect the "no" vote in the Defender Services section.  Minutes changed and submitted with correction, available on DHS website.

Fiscal Update

Karrie stated there were not many changes since the last meeting.  The funding of First Defense contract will begin this state fiscal year.  The earlier we spend the money the better.  Director Friedenauer was approved for the $408 thousand.  The budget sheet has not been updated yet due to not having the final figures on some of the line items.  The extension request has not been completed yet per direction at the last meeting.  There is time to wait and make a decision at a later date to complete the request for an extension.

Truancy RFP Update

Before requesting an extension of the Title V grant we are waiting to see if we can get the Truancy RFP out.  There were some modifications to the RFP to include all units of local government.  2007 is the most recent data they have.  May 6th is the anticipated date.  We do not have to begin July 1st but we have to start before September.  Final approval of RFP requested.  Motion initiated by Gene Griffin, Wayne Straza seconded. All in favor, motion passed.

Title V Application Update

The grant application was submitted on time to OJJDP.

Title II -Formula 3-Year Plan Discussion

The 3-Year Plan was sent to the Commissioners prior to this meeting.  Karrie Rueter gave a brief overview of the plan.  The 2005 ICJIA data was used.  The data will be consistent across all the elements.  When this report was completed three years ago, 2003 data was used.  Priorities areas are identified and supported by the data of the commission's focus over the next three years.

They are in priority order.  Pam Rodriguez requested the substance abuse section be modified and this information was added.  Karrie asked the Committee if there was anything missing or needed to be added or removed.  This application is completed every March so we are not required to stay with these priority areas.  Pat Connell commented on DOC and juvenile data issues.  MacArthur just approved a grant to have resources to create their own information system.  If this goes through, we may have DOC data.

We are required to attach the entire compliance manual to the request.  Pat asked that we share these thoughts at full commission instead of this meeting due to the time constraints.  Also, that the DMC plan be discussed in the DMC meeting to follow.

DMC and its data issues are already discussed in the rest of the plan.  Barrier information is the same.  Compliance is the same except adding DJJ.  The budget is tied to each one of these pieces.  DOC is getting compliance monitoring.  We continue to monitor the detention centers, develop standards, training, etc.  It is our understanding that this will eventually stabilize but this is presumably an on going grant for DJJ for compliance monitoring.  There were statements made that if we fund these providers, we should be receiving the data we need.  The federal requirements are that we monitor all of these.

Dropping the transportation grant was discussed if the Collins bill is passed.  It was noted that the plan can be amended at a later date.  Ron Smith stated there might be justification for removing the transportation grant or we may find we need it.  Until something changes we still have a problem.  Ron stated that he anticipates Franklin County is one that will affect us in terms of violations increasing.

Pat requested a motion to recommend approval of the Three-Year Plan, with DMC section excluded.  Wayne Straza motioned, Andrew Jones seconded.  All in favor, motion passed.

Program Updates

Franklin County had issues with Jail Removal violations at the last meeting.  JMIS was not showing the kids being held in the non-secure area.  Franklin is working with JMIS to fix the report.  After review, they had no violations.  Total year of 50 violations, which is two less than last year.

Program Compliance Update

Compliance update requested to be given at the full Commission meeting.

2009 Annual Report Update

Karrie Rueter reported that the Annual Report was distributed to a variety of entities and other collaborative partners such as JDAI and Redeploy.  It has been sent to states attorneys, probation court services, juvenile judges, chief judges and it is posted on the DHS website.  It was not given to Casey or MacArthur but they are aware it is available on line.  George Hill asked if we were clear in the plan on how the Commission feels about the laws concerning jail removal.  Pat indicated that it is in the plan on page 22.

Other Business

Project Oz request was discussed.  Karrie stated that Project Oz came to DHS to request assistance with children whom are being court ordered not to return home.  This causes violations in many areas.  This is a domestic violence issue and then the child and placement becomes an issue.  Judges are court-ordering children not to return home and there is no place for the child.  It is varying with situation but they are ending up non-offenders and this is a violation.

Pat stated that this topic needs more time to discuss than what we have available today.  It will be further discussed at a later time.


Meeting adjourned at 10:53 AM.