For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009, Governor Quinn proposes a $6.082 billion (FY09 - $5.824 billion) all funds ordinary and contingent expenses budget for the Illinois Department of Human Services. The General Revenue Funds portion of this request totals $4.164 billion (FY09 estimated spending - $4.118 billion).

As requested by Governor Quinn:

The FY10 DHS request represents a $45.6 million GRF increase over FY09 estimated expenditures.

  • The FY10 budget request reflects the continued investment in community funding. The budget includes $3.8 million to annualize the cost of services for individuals moved from State-Operated Developmental Centers (SODCs) to the community in FY09, and $5.0 million to support the transition of an additional 180 individuals out of SODCs into community-based settings. The State reached agreement with the plaintiffs in the Division's Olmstead litigation, Ligas v. Maram. The settlement agreement will allow those that want to transition from private ICF/DDs the ability to do so, and will require the Division to increase capacity in the Medicaid waiver program to serve an additional 3,000 people living at home over the next six years. The FY10 budget request includes $20.8 million to support the agreement.
  • In addition, the budget request includes $63.0M for prompt payment of ICF/DD providers.
  • Community Health and Prevention programs will receive an additional $2.1 million to support the Early Intervention (EI) program.
  • The Mental Health budget includes $4.4 million to support the Money Follows the Person program.
  • Funding for the Home Services program includes $26.3 million to support program growth and invests in the workers providing the valuable care that enables individuals with disabilities to remain in their homes.
  • The FY10 budget includes an increase of $3.4 million for Funeral and Burial and $1.2 million for Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled. The FY10 budget also includes a new $1.0 appropriation for Food Banks.

In addition to the General Revenue Fund, the FY10 budget request includes $99.2 million in appropriations from the Budget Relief Fund. The majority of the funding, $53.2 million, is for Addiction Treatment Services. Another $21.3 million is appropriated for community-based services for persons with developmental disabilities. There is also requested $11.0 million for Homeless Prevention and a $2.0 million appropriation to support the Division of Rehabilitation Services' Community Reintegration Program.

As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, DHS will receive $147.6 million in increased funding for the Women, Infants and Children, childcare, vocational rehabilitation, early intervention and food stamps programs.