PM 04-01-05-c Child-Only Case

WAG 04-01-05-c

Children may remain eligible for TANF even if the adult caretaker is not eligible, or the adult caretaker is not required to be part of the filing unit.

Set up a TANF child-only case when no adults are in the case because:

  • the parent(s) receives SSI; or
  • the parent(s) is an ineligible noncitizen (see PM 03-01-00 and PM 10-04-01); or
  • the parent(s) has been convicted of a drug-related felony (see PM 03-23-02, PM 03-23-03 and PM 10-04-01); or
  • the parent(s) is a fugitive felon or probation/parole violator (see PM 03-23-05 and PM 10-04-01); or
  • the parent(s) receives disability benefits which are more than the difference in the payment level if they were included in the case (see PM 08-01-07-c and PM 10-04-04 ); or
  • the nonparent caretaker relative may not be included as an optional member for any of the above reasons; or
  • the nonparent caretaker relative has reached their 60-month limit (see PM 03-06-04-b); or
  • the nonparent caretaker relative does not request to be included in the TANF case as an optional member (see PM 04-01-03).

Note: A caretaker relative who is not the parent of a child is not financially responsible for the child for cash or medical assistance. See PM 09-02-00 for support obligations.