MEDI System on HFS Web Site

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services maintains a web site for the Medical Electronic Data Interchange (MEDI), on which registered users may verify an individual's Medicaid eligibility status. The web site contains information on how to use the system.

  • First, check system requirements and learn about the system.
    • Use the "Getting Started" link at left side of web page.
  • Second, register using your Illinois driver's license number.
    • Use "Login" at the left side of the web page. First time users will be asked to provide additional information, including your Medicaid provider ID.

After this one-time registration, you may use MEDI to verify individual Medicaid enrollment. Medicaid Waiver providers may not use the MEDI system to submit claims or to access remittance advices.

Note: If you get a message "Eligible for DHS social services," it means that the individual is not enrolled in Medicaid. Many individuals have been assigned a DHS Recipient ID Number (RIN) without being enrolled in Medicaid.

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