Reject Code 71

Bill Exceeds Monthy Combined Maximum (HBS)

This means that the individual is over the HBS monthly budget for the month of service.

Contact the individual's HBS service facilitator to resolve the problem. The service facilitator will review the service agreements and service authorizations to identify which provider billed for too much, contact that provider, and ensure that necessary corrections are made.

Note: Service facilitators can access a Monthly Exception Report (M044G131) for DD service facilitators through the Mobius system. The report contains information on months when an individual is over budget.

For adult HBS participants who are not yet 22 and have left special education, this reject may mean the Division has not increased the monthly maximum from the special education limit to the full amount.

FAX documentation from the school (diploma, letter on school letterhead) that the participant is no longer in special education to HBS at 1-217-558-2799.

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