Reject Code 7B

Bill Includes Dates Before Or After Authorized Dates

The earliest date on the bill must be on or after the service authorization date. The latest date on the bill must be on or before the service termination date.

  • Verify the actual authorization start date or termination date on the computer-generated "Guardian Notification of Service Authorization and Financial Liability." (Report M0446092, available via Mobius) The notifications are mailed to the guardian (if one is identified in ROCS), to the residential provider or the service facilitation agency, or the day program provider whenever there is a change in the authorizations, rate information or client income information. Contact Network Staff if the dates on the "Guardian Notification" are incorrect.
  • Otherwise, correct the dates on the bill.

For Individual Service and Support Advocacy (50D) only, verify that the individual continues to be enrolled in Medicaid. If not, work with the individual's case manager to correct the problem with the Medicaid benefits.

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