Changes in Smoking Report

The report descriptions are made for the people who are working in the Cornerstone system, it explains what screens and fields affect this report.


Changes in Smoking

Changes in Smoking Behavior of Pregnant Women

Individuals selected for the report are women who were active on Cornerstone in WIC or FCM and were pregnant or 1 to 6 months postpartum during the report period. If a woman had more than one pregnancy, only the last pregnancy is considered.

Smoking data is collected from prenatal and postpartum records with a visit date or actual delivery date before the end of the report period. Additional smoking data is collected from adult health visit records with a visit date during the report period.

A woman is counted as a smoker if any of the smoking indicators on her prenatal, postpartum and health visit records were yes. Smokers with no data this period are women who were active in WIC or FCM and were pregnant or 1 to 6 months postpartum and had no prenatal, postpartum or health visits during the report period. Smokers with data during the report period are divided into the categories of stopped, decreased, unchanged, increased and started based on the change in smoking code on their most recent health visit record. If a woman did not have a health visit during the report period and did have a prenatal or postpartum visit, her category is determined from the prenatal and postpartum smoking indicators.