WAG 21-05-05-c

PM 21-05-05-c

new textA person may travel different distances to various activities during the course of a day, week, or month. The distance of a round trip is determined by the number of miles traveled from home and back, even if more than one destination is reached before returning home. If the distance of a round trip varies from day to day during the month, determine the average round trip.

Example 1: Ms. A. attends G.E.D. class in the morning, then performs community service in the afternoon each day. She uses her own car to travel 8 miles to GED class, 6 miles to the community service site, then 10 miles to return home. Ms. A. travels 24 miles to complete her activities and is entitled to a supportive service payment of $60.

Example 2: Ms. B. travels 12 miles to attend GED class on Tuesday and Thursday, resulting in a 24 mile round trip. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she travels 6 miles to perform community service, resulting in a 12 mile round trip. During the month, she goes to GED class 8 times, and to the community service site 13 times. Determine the average round trip by dividing the total number of miles by the number of round trips.

GED class: 24 miles X 8 trips= 192 miles

Community service: 12 miles X 13 trips = 156 miles

Total miles: 192 + 156 = 348

Total trips: 8 + 13 = 21

Average round trip: 348 miles divided by 21 trips = 16.5 miles

Supportive service payment = $45.

Example 3: During the month of June, Ms. C. graduated from high school, started attending Mother's Club meetings, then got a job. She is eligible for transportation as a supportive service for school attendance, the Mother's Club meetings, and for employment before receipt of her first pay check. Each of the destinations is a different number of miles from her home. Determine the average round trip by dividing the the total number of miles traveled during the month by the number of trips.

High School: 12 miles X 10 trips = 120 miles

Mother's Club: 18 miles X 3 trips = 54 miles

Employment: 8 miles X 6 trips = 48 miles

Total miles: 120 + 54 + 48 = 222 miles

Total trips: 10 + 3 + 6 = 19 trips

Average round trip: 222 miles divided by 19 trips = 11.6 miles

Supportive service payment = $45.