DHS Help Line for Complaints

DHS Help Line for Complaints

The following numbers are available to individuals and applicants for initiating specific types of complaints.

IDHS Sexual Harassment Hotline
Sexual Harassment must be reported immediately to the Bureau of Civil Affairs.
1 (217) 524-7068 (Voice)

Illinois Department of Human Rights Sexual Harassment Helpline
Per Public Act 100-554. Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1 (877) 236-7703 (Voice)
Welcome to the Illinois Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Helpline

IDHS Help Line
The Bureau of Customer Support and Services (BCSS) provides critical case intervention when client benefits or services are interrupted. This line serves as an advocate to all IDHS customers and providers and an information resource for the community.
1 (800) 843-6154 (English/Spanish)
1 (866) 324-5553 (TTY/Nextalk)

Report Fraud
To report fraud regarding Cash, SNAP, or Medical Assistance on the part of clients or retailers.
1 (844) 453-7283/1 (844) ILFRAUD
Report Fraud

Appeal Process
If an applicant or client of IDHS disagrees with a decision made by IDHS, the individual has a right to a fair appeal hearing through the Office of the General Counsel's Division of Administrative Hearings.
1 (800) 435-0774 (Voice)

Allegations of Abuse and Neglect
IDHS' Office of the Inspector General investigates allegations of abuse or neglect of individuals who receive mental health services or developmental disability services in programs that are operated, licensed, certified, or funded by IDHS.
1 (800) 368-1463 (Voice/TTY)

Client Assistance Program (CAP)
CAP helps people with disabilities receive quality vocational rehabilitation services from the Division of Rehabilitation Services by advocating for their interests, providing self-advocacy support, information, and legal help. NOTE: CAP is no longer part of IDHS. CAP operates through Equip for Equality.
1 (855) 452-2725 (Voice)
1 (800) 610-2779 (TTY)