WAG 06-21-04: Maximum Eligibility Period

PM 06-21-04

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new textApplying AATV rules in IES

In IES, the earliest certified approved AATV date is recorded as the start date for purposes of determining the maximum eligibility period of 24 months, or 36 months if they have an appeal pending on an asylum application decision.

The AATV redetermination form asks the client, "Do you have an asylum appeal pending?"  

(Worker) If the client reports that they have an asylum application appeal pending, request proof if not yet provided (see WAG 03-01-04-a).

  • Answer the questions that appear in the AATV section of the Alien Details screen. 
  • If the question, 'Individual has received 24 months of Medical through AATV program?' is answered 'Yes', and the question, 'Individual has a pending asylum application' is also answered 'Yes', the individual qualifies for an extension of AATV medical benefits up to 12 additional months.
  • If the client does not qualify for an extension, determine whether the client is eligible for other medical benefits programs, including the "Medical Benefits for Non-citizen Victims of Trafficking, Torture and Other Serious Crimes" program (see PM 06-30-00).