WAG 06-24-08 Reviewing Eligibility

PM 06-24-08


Complete the following when an HBWD participant is no longer eligible for HBWD and is eligible for AABD Medical (regular or spenddown), QMB Only, or SLIB Only:

  • Delete code D from Item 25 (TA 31/TAR B3) ,
  • Delete Item 80, codes 146 CUI and 147 CEI, and
  • Sends the Notice of Change (Form 157) to notify the person of the HBWD cancellation.
  • Send Notice Regarding Medicare Cost Sharing (Form 3132) if the participant is eligible for QMB only.
  • Send Notice To Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) Beneficiaries Regarding Medicaid Payment of Medicare Part B Premiums (Form 3420) if the participant is eligible for SLIB only.