WAG 06-24-05 Assets

new textPM 06-24-05

System changes to AIS have been made that will identify exempt assets of a person who was on HBWD. An additional asset verification screen (9A1) has been added to the Automated Intake System (AIS). The following questions have been added:

  • Did the applicant have an HBWD case (Office 250)?
  • Did the applicant or applicant's spouse have exempt assets from HBWD?

Enter the information from the 730, 731 and 732 codes into the new AABD case. If the applicant reports that the assets were higher at the time the HBWD case was canceled, allow the applicant to verify the amount of assets at HBWD cancellation.

Use the verified amounts as the new exempt asset amounts (up to $25,000).

Retirement accounts and medical savings accounts that were exempt continue to be exempt regardless of value.