Security and Care

Illinois Link Card

Security and Care for your Illinois Link Card

Caring for your Illinois Link card is important.  Here are some tips to keep your card safe and working properly.

  • Do not throw your card away
  • Do not bend or fold your card
  • Never lend your card to anyone; your benefits will not be replaced
  • Keep your card clean, but do not wash it or get it wet
  • Keep the magnetic stripe on the back of your card clean and free from scratches
  • Keep the card away from magnets, TVs, stereos, VCRs, and microwaves
  • Keep your card out of direct sunlight
  • Store your card in your purse or wallet or a safe place

Security for your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Protect your PIN. If someone knows your PIN and uses your card, your benefits will not be replaced. If you think that someone knows your PIN, change your PIN by calling the Illinois Link Help Line 1-800-678-LINK (5465) or 1-877-765-3459 (TTY), or go to the Illinois Link Card Website.

Tips to protect your PIN. 

  • Keep your PIN a secret
  • Memorize your PIN
  • Do not write your PIN on your card
  • Do not let anyone (even a store cashier) see your PIN as you enter it at the terminal

Keep your personal information safe!

Protect yourself against identity theft.  Do not share your personal information.  You need to keep your social security number, date of birth, PIN and Link card number (also refered to as the PAN - personal account number) safe so that only you will be able to access information about your Link account through the Illinois Link Help Line or the Illinois Link Card Website.