Treatment Services

Through the alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) treatment system, the Illinois Department of Human Services provides evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to alcohol- and other drug-abusing persons and their families.

Treatment services are delivered under contract by community-based agencies. This system enables clients to be assessed and treated as close to their home communities as possible, allows communities to take ownership of their programs and facilitates public information and other adjunct services. Treatment services are delivered through a continuum approach, with individual clients moving from one level of care to another based upon their assessed needs.

ASAM Level AODA Service Annual Medicaid Benefit Limit
(Benefit limits apply to adults only)
Level 1 Outpatient
(group or individual)
25 hours
Level 2 Intensive Outpatient
(group or individual)
75 hours
Level 3.2 Day Detoxification 9 days
Level 3.5 Day Treatment 30 days
Level 3.5 Youth Residential Rehabilitation No limits
Psychiatric Evaluation Diagnostic Per encounter (one per day)

AODA services are provided statewide, either directly within a county or by a multi-county service provider. Residential and other more specialized treatment services may not be available locally in every area of the state. Individuals can be referred by the outpatient program in their area to the closest regional residential center.

In Fiscal Year 2000, there were approximately 125,602 services provided to patients statewide within the DHS-OASA funded treatment system.