PM 06-20-00: Health Benefits for Persons with Breast or Cervical Cancer (BCC)

WAG 06-20-00

new textHealth Benefits for Persons with Breast or Cervical Cancer (BCC) is a program that provides full medical coverage for persons who need treatment for breast or cervical cancer or a precancerous condition. Uninsured persons in Illinois are eligible for BCC if they meet the non-financial criteria, regardless of income.

BCC is administered by HFS.  Processing of applications and maintenance of active cases is the responsibility of the HFS Breast and Cervical Cancer Eligibility Unit in Springfield. BCC applications are routed to the BCC Eligibility Unit by the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP) local lead and consortia agencies.

BCC cases are category 93 with Family Community Resource Center Number 189; the FCRC office number where the person lives appears in the RESIDENCE field.

Women enrolled will receive the same medical benefits offered under medical assistance.  SNAP benefits cannot be authorized on these cases.