WAG 17-06-04-a: Inquiries on TAP Denials

PM 17-06-04-a

Use the TAP denial codes as a guide when reviewing the disposition of the application. The AKAA does not receive a TAP denial reason on a Remittance Advice notice when the following occurs:

  • The category of the application is changed from 04/06 or 94/96 to another category which is not eligible for TAP.
  • Application is not registered as a RealBenefits® application on Form 2378B by the FCRC (worker answered "no" to the new TAP question on AIS screen 1B or 1C); or
  • Application is not registered as a 2378MC by the All Kids unit.

If the application was registered as a TAP application and is denied for medical benefits, the message, "application denied" appears on the AKAA's Remittance Advice notice.