Section 1.0 - Introduction

Illinois Department of Human Services
Bureau of Youth Intervention Services

Teen REACH Policy & Procedure Manual

1.1.  Overview

Revised Date: July 2013

The Teen REACH Policy and Procedures Manual is provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Division of Family and Community Services, Bureau of Youth Intervention Services.

This manual contains policies and procedures required to deliver program services, collect data on participant outcomes and program performance, and provide submittal dates for the required reports and records. It is provided to supplement and compliment the contract and program standards.

This manual will be in effect as of July 1, 2013 for all Teen REACH providers and program sites. It is the role of IDHS staff to monitor and provide technical assistance to all providers in meeting the requirements of the program.

Teen REACH programs are delivered during out-of-school time which includes: before and after school, school holidays, week-ends and summers. Teen REACH integrates community efforts on behalf of children and youth, working through collaborations of local schools, faith-based organizations, businesses, human service providers, and Illinois Department of Human Services programs.

Teen REACH providers are required to participate in the formal evaluation of the program developed by the Department and must cooperate in the collection of data for this purpose.

The policies and procedures that providers are required to generate should be filed in Appendix Z at the back of this binder.

Links & Resources

Program administration and reporting forms, individual file forms, and general program information and resources, are available by calling the Bureau of Youth Intervention Services, Teen REACH at (217) 557-2109 and/or on the DHS Website at