PM 17-06-02: Required Proofs for TAP

WAG 17-06-02

Additional contact with the applicant will be necessary when processing the SNAP and/or TANF request. However, the decision to authorize TAP depends solely on the information provided and the proofs needed to process the medical portion of the application.

  • Example 1: The FCRC receives a RealBenefits® system application for SNAP benefits and medical with a TAP checklist attached. One pay stub from the last 30 days is included with the application, and all of the questions are answered. The applicant fails to respond to a request for additional pay stubs needed for the SNAP request. Deny the SNAP request. If eligible for medical under the Family Health Plans, approve the TAP.

AKAAs have been instructed to complete the application based on the information provided by the applicant. If additional information is later discovered that was not given to the AKAA, it does not disqualify the AKAA from receiving TAP.

  • Example 2: The application is complete and all proofs are attached. During the SNAP interview, it is discovered that the applicant also has unemployment benefits. It appears that the unemployment benefits were not reported to the AKAA. Obtain verification of the unemployment benefits through AWVS. If approving the application for medical only, or TANF benefits, approve the TAP.