WAG 25-06-12: Miscellaneous Name Changes

As name changes occur in agencies, divisions, bureaus, units, offices, programs and processes, these changes require updates to various sections of the Online Manual and WAG pages.  The name changes will be announced as they occur.  However, a manual release will not be issued listing each section updated with the new name unless there is a policy or procedural change.

Name Changes
Former Name New Name Date Change Occurred
Local Office (LO) Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) 10/03
Department of Public Aid (DPA) Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) 07/05
Food Stamp Program (FSP) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) 10/09
Parent Assist FamilyCare Assist 11/05
KidCare All Kids 02/06
KidCare Moms & Babies Moms & Babies 02/06
SeniorCare Illinois Cares Rx 01/06
Bureau of Research and Analysis Bureau of Program and Performance Management 2003
Doral Dental DentaQuest 12/09
new textPassive Renewals Administrative Renewals 03/10