Addiction Prevention - Substance Abuse Prevention (SAPP)

Administered by: Bureau of Positive Youth Develoment

The Local Capacity Building grant is designed for providers with little or no experience in delivering substance abuse prevention services. Funds will support a coalition, support for the promotion and administration of the Illinois Youth Survey, education regarding Illinois' social host law and the delivery of Youth Prevention Education services for 'universal' and 'selected' youth ages 11-18 (6th through 12th grades). 'Universal' prevention strategies address the entire population with messages aimed at preventing alcohol and/or substance use disorders; 'selected' strategies target subsets that are deemed to be at risk for substance abuse disorders. Services must be delivered in a defined geographic area. Local Capacity Building grantees must provide four (4) core (required) services as described below: 1) obtain buy-in for future participation in the 2018 Illinois Youth Survey, 2) Work with an existing coalition and strengthen its capacity, 3) deliver an evidence-based Youth Prevention Education curriculum, and 4) in partnership with the coalition, educate parents and other adults regarding Illinois' Social Host Law.

The Direct Service Grant is to increase the availability of high-quality prevention services that have the greatest potential to impact factors that contribute to alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) consumption and consequences of 11-18 year olds. Direct Service Grants provide funds to primarily support the delivery of one or more evidence-based substance abuse prevention direct services that target individuals and families in a defined service area. Direct Services include one or more of the following four core Direct Service approaches: Youth Prevention Education, Parent/Family Education, Mentoring and Communication Campaigns. Direct Services providers must also work with a multi-sector coalition, promote the Illinois Youth Survey and deliver a limited number of supplemental services.

The Strategic Prevention Framework grant program is to reduce consumption of, consequences from and contributing factors to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drug misuse/abuse among 11-20 year olds in a targeted geographic community by following the Strategic Prevention Framework.
Strategic Prevention Framework Sub-grants are designed to support the use of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). The SPF is a structured planning process utilizing a data driven approach developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). SPF uses a data-driven approach to understand what the most pressing problems are, who is affected most by the problems (consumption and consequences), why the problems are happening (contributing factors or intervening variables), and what programs, practices, and policies are most effective in addressing these problems and contributing factors. The guiding principle of this framework is that data on problems, resources and readiness should guidance the selection of evidence-based prevention strategies. Each community could potentially have a different set of outcomes targeted, but the goal is always community-level change in substance use consumption patterns and consequences.

The State Capacity Building grant program is to develop the capacity with a unique sector to reduce consumption of, consequences from, and contributing factors to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. State Capacity Building Grants are responsible for the delivery of services that develops capacity of the sector and engages the respective sector at the local level to address substance abuse prevention. This grant will support 'universal' and 'selected' prevention services serving a unique population. For the State Capacity Building Grant, the geographic boundary must be the state of Illinois or the city of Chicago and surrounding area.

Illinois Youth Survey
The Center for Prevention Research and Development coordinates the administration and analysis of the Illinois Youth Survey that is conducted bi-annually with school-aged children in grades 8, 10 and 12. The survey addresses a myriad of topics such as adolescents' attitudes and behaviors, including those regarding alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, violence, exercise and nutrition.

Information, Training and Technical Assistance
The grant supports information dissemination and is designed to develop the capacity of local providers and communities in the area of substance abuse prevention and teen pregnancy prevention programs. The provider will deliver services that primarily increase the knowledge and develop the capacity of communities and providers when planning for and delivering services in the area aforementioned areas. Information dissemination activities will featured on the provider's website and is designed to increase their knowledge and/or develop their capacity.

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