Family & Community Services

The Division of Family & Community Services (FCS) has local offices across the state.  These offices are known as Family Community Resource Centers (FCRCs) and they provide many types of services and information.  Use the DHS Office Locator to locate a FCRC near you.

FCS improves the health and well-being of families and individuals through partnerships and services that build community competence. We work with our customers, providers, and advocates to achieve high standards of service.  Use the DHS Office Locator to locate a provider and/or services in your area.

While SNAP, WIC, cash assistance, and medical programs are the services that are most well known, there are many other programs and services offered through the division. Read more about our services in the FCS For Customers area. 

Our central office bureaus and their staff oversee the programs and policies that govern our work.  They also monitor the contractual arrangements we have with our many partners and providers. Find out more about the bureaus and their programs, see FCS Programs and Services.  The state is divided into five (5) regions and FCS has assigned a Regional Administrator (RA) and numerous Community Support Services Consultants (CSSC) per each region.  Together, the RAs and the CSSCs partner with the community-based agencies/providers to support and enhance service delivery at the local level by:

  1. performing required program reviews, thus assuring effective and accountable services;
  2. acting as linkages between communities and the Division's bureaus and programs; and
  3. providing programmatic technical assistance as needed to local programs in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of clients and communities.

Read more about regional services and performance in Regional Administration.

Location of Administrative Offices

Chicago Office

401 S. Clinton St.
Chicago, Illinois 60607

Phone: (800) 843-6154
TTY: (866) 324-5553

Springfield Office

100 S. Grand Ave., East
Springfield, Illinois 62701

Phone: (800) 843-6154
TTY: (866) 324-5553