Section 25 Report

State law (30 ILCS 105/25 (e) and (f)) provides for the Department of Human Services to annually submit to the State Comptroller, Senate President, Senate Minority Leader, Speaker of the House, House Minority Leader, and the Chairmen and Minority Spokesmen of the Appropriations Committees of the Senate and the House, the amount of the fiscal year funds from the most recently completed fiscal year used to pay for certain named services provided in any prior fiscal year.

Please be advised for fiscal year 2013, the following amounts were paid by the Department of Human Services for services provided in a prior fiscal year:

  • Fee-for-service payments related to substance abuse treatment services of $3,834,333;
  • Early Intervention medical service payments of $7,891,928;
  • Child Care Services of $5,915,053;
  • Long Term Care for the Developmentally Disabled medical service payments of $137,804,619; and
  • Home Services Program medical service payments of $1,498,055.

There are no other payments to report by the Department of Human Services under this statute.