OIG's Duties and Responsibilities

Vision Statement

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will be looked upon as a professional and competent investigative agency.

Mission Statement

The Office of the Inspector General assists agencies and facilities in prevention efforts by investigating all reports of abuse, neglect and mistreatment in a timely manner, to foster humane, competent, respectful and caring treatment of persons with mental and developmental disabilities.

Office Authority

The Office of the Inspector General has the authority to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect of adults with mental disabilities (severe mental illness or developmental disabilities) who receive services from state-operated psychiatric hospitals and developmental centers as well as from community programs licensed or funded by DHS in Illinois.

The Office gets involved when an allegation of abuse or neglect is reported against an employee or other person responsible for care of the adult with disabilities. To report suspected abuse or neglect of an adult with disabilities, please call the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800-368-1463.

Information on how to report an incident and on what happens during an investigation are provided in this site. How to contact the Investigations Bureaus as well as other organizations with related services (frequent referral numbers and links) are also available.

When OIG substantiates physical or sexual abuse or neglect that is deemed egregious against an employee of a state facility or community agency, that employee's identity can be placed on the Healthcare Worker Registry operated by the Department of Public Health. That person could be barred from further employment in long-term care.

Administrative Rules

The Office promulgates Administrative Rules to establish reporting requirements and to stipulate how investigations are initiated, conducted and completed.

Quality Care Board

A seven-member volunteer board monitors and oversees the operations, policies and procedures of the Office.

Site Visits

The Office makes unannounced site visits to each state-operated psychiatric hospital and developmental center annually.


The Office publishes an Annual Report every December with detailed information on reporting, investigations and all other activities of the Office. You can download the most recent Annual Report from this site.


The Office's Training Bureau provides training sessions on investigative skills. The Bureau also provides training on Administrative Rule 50 to community agencies throughout Illinois.

Investigative Protocols

Administrative Rule 50 provides for community agencies to perform investigations on their own with the approval of an OIG Bureau Chief and approved protocol. The Office provides a protocol for adoption by agencies, available here. Questions about the Office and its activities may be sent by e-mail.