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The Office of Contract Administration (OCA ) consist of the Chief Accountability Officer and three Bureau's and the Agency Wide Contracts Unit

Responsibilities of OCA:

  • Direct oversight of all IDHS contractual functions
  • Responsible for communications with all IDHS programs, facilities and divisions relating to contract processing and procedures
  • Managerial responsibilities over the process of contractual obligations.

Chief Accountability Officer: Grants Accountability and Transparency Act Unit (GATA)

  • Liaison to the Government Office of Management & Budget (GOMB) Grants Accountability and Transparency Unit (GATU).
  • Provides technical assistance and training to both Agency personnel and grantees regarding GATA statute, administrative code, administrative directives and IDHS GATA Policies and Procedures.
  • Processes Agency Requests for Deviation (Exceptions).
  • Reviews and approves Indirect Cost Rates.
  • Reviews and approves Stop Pay List Tracking System (SPLTS) records.
  • Performs a preliminary review of Merit Based Review appeals submissions.
  • Reviews, processes all IDHS program/division grantee waiver request of Stop Pay actions

Agency Wide Contracts Unit

  • Facilitates the approval and flow process for both Temporary Service Worker and Personal Services Contracts.
  • Liaison to IDHS Office of Business Services for the processing of Warehouse, and Mail Room Contracts.
  • Coordinates Statewide with all facilities and office locations for the contracting for multi-functional devices.
  • Assist IDHS administrative areas with contractual needs and training of administrative contracts process and procedures to include the BidBuy procurement process

Bureau of Obligation Management

  • Processes and files all IDHS grants, contracts, obligations, amendments, modifications and renewals.
  • Liaison to Comptroller's Office for all obligation related issues.
  • Maintains all of the official IDHS grant & contract files.
  • Provides support for the grantee in the CSA Tracking System.

Bureau of Policy & Review

  • Produces and disseminates the annual IDHS Financial Reporting Packet to Grantees/Providers.
  • Prepares audit confirmations of Grantees/Providers State and Federal funding.
  • Reviews and reconciles Audit and Consolidated Year-End Financial reports in GATA Audit Report Review Management System (ARRMS).
  • Performs all annual Grantee closeout of IDHS Grants, including all IDHS Grant Funds Recovery activities.
  • Performs desk reviews on independent audits of Medicaid Waiver providers.
  • Produces and disseminates the annual Federal Funds Summary Report to Grantees.
  • Monitors overall Financial Reporting of Grantees/Providers to determine those subject to negative payment action (SAP vendor hold or placement on the IDHS Stop Pay List) due to delinquency in reporting requirements.
  • Produce daily and monthly management reports on all IDHS contractual activities.
  • Responsible for the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)
  • Responsible for Office of Contract Administration webpages.

Bureau of Contract Compliance

  • Performs annual Fiscal & Administrative On-site Reviews of Grantees and Providers to assess fiscal and administrative compliance.
  • Performs an annual Risk Analysis of all IDHS grantees.
  • Initiates Grant Funds Recovery activities identified during Fiscal & Administrative On-site Reviews.

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