Patricia M. Curtis

Inspector General Patricia Curtis had worked as an advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities when was appointed as Inspector General.  In December 1995, shortly after she started, the Governor and General Assembly expanded the authority of the Office to include community agencies that are certified, licensed, or funded by the DMHDD to provide mental health or developmental disability services.  IG Curtis served as Inspector General from October 16, 1995 through September 30, 1999.

On July 1, 1997, DMHDD became part of a new Department of Human Services (DHS). The Office of the Inspector General reported to Governor, but also to the DHS Secretary, and continues to operate within this department. An OIG staff of forty was assigned statewide to five bureaus.


Under Inspector General Curtis, OIG developed and promulgated Rule 50 (59 Illinois Administrative Code, Chapter I, Title 59, Part 50) to govern investigations in community agencies as well as state-operated facilities. Also under her leadership:

  • OIG resources were re-focused on investigations, with the Bureau of Accreditation, Certification and Licensure returning to DHS;
  • Facility and community investigations were integrated;
  • An Intake Hotline and staffing was set up;
  • A formal mechanism - the "Written Response" - was developed to ensure agency and facility action based on OIG findings;
  • The case report format was improved;
  • The investigative team and team leader concept was instituted;
  • Laptops were purchased for all investigators;
  • An OIG Guidelines Manual was developed and promulgated;
  • An interagency agreement with Department of Public Health was developed.