27-80-04-b: SNAP E&T Codes

Enter one or more of the following needs codes to authorize Mercury payments for SNAP E&T supportive services. Each code requires a 4-digit Activity Code under PERSONS.

ITEM 80 CODE & ABBREV. SNAP E&T Supportive Service Codes
772 Other - (includes books, fees, supplies, etc., excluding child care and transportation)
773 Transportation
774 Earnfare - clothing allowance
786 Employment Transportation Expenses to Get or Keep a Job
787 Expenses Other than Transportation, such as Uniforms, Clothing, and Tools, Related to a Job

Under PERSONS, enter the 4-digit Activity Code starting with either 4 (Family Community Resource Center) or 5 (Contractor).

Activity Code Activity
200 Job Search (not countable activity for participation hours)
215 Job Readiness (not countable activity for participation hours)
350 Vocational Training
353 Adult Basic Education
453  Regular Earnfare
530 Work Experience
531 Community Work
860 Sanction
999 Closed Out
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