27-90-00 Item 90: Income

Item 90 Income codes are 3 digits. The code identifies the types of income and deductions used to figure eligibility and benefit amount. Item 90 is also used for recoupment and program monitoring.

The following chart provides the category number(s) that corresponds to the description used in the PROGRAM(S) column of the Item 90, Income Charts. When the entry is 'All Programs', it means all of the programs listed below.

TANF Cash new change04, 06
All Kids Assist, Family Assist, FamilyCare Assist, Moms and Babies 94, 96
RRA Cash 00
RRA Medical 90
new change
new change
SNAP Only 08
SNAP (under any category) SNAP authorized under a Cash or Medical ID number
AABD Cash 01, 02, 03
AABD Medical 91, 92, 93
QMB Only, SLIB Only, or QI-1 Only 91, 92, 93
MPE 94
All Cash Programs text deleted00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 06
All Medical Programs text deleted90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96

For Cash and SNAP, use Item 90 to record the type of income available or other deductions to be subtracted from total needs. For Medical, use this item to record the type(s) and gross amount(s) of income.

When completing Item 90, enter codes across the form in numerical order. Enter new codes in numerical order after any already printed on the form. The system rearranges them in numerical order.

When there are more than 16 Item 90 codes, complete a 2nd Form 552 and note this in REMARKS. Fill in only Items 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 80, 90, and 91 on the 2nd Form 552. A 2nd turnaround Form 552 is produced with the remaining Item 90 codes.

There are 4 columns in Item 90:

A 3-digit number. Enter dollars and cents. For TANF Cash cases, do not enter cents for earned income codes. Enter the number of hours worked per week, instead of cents. A one-digit code used for SNAP budgeting and SNAP recoupment. Used with specific Item 90 codes for Medical Only and SNAP Only cases.

Income/Deduction Codes

A Recipient Identification Number (RIN) is required for each Item 90 code, except for the following situations:

  • codes that show the income of persons not included in the Cash, Medical, or SNAP case, such as: 538, 549, or 554;
  • TANF sanction code 512;
  • recoupment codes 638, 639, and 700; and
  • for AABD, when used to show the amount of income diverted to a community spouse, dependent family member, or dependent children under age 21 not residing with the community spouse (codes 670, 671, or 672).

An action does not process if:

  • the code requires an RIN and it is not entered, or
  • the RIN is not matched to a person active in the Cash, Medical, and/or SNAP case.

When a case includes persons having the same type/source of income; e.g., RSDI, enter the amounts and codes separately with each person's RIN.

For TANF and AABD, Cash or Medical, enter only one code of the same number for contribution income. Combine amounts into one total if more than one person made the same type of contribution.

For SNAP with child support or contributions, use the RIN of the person who receives the payment. If the person who receives child support or a contribution is not included in the case, use the RIN of the first person in Item 60 for whom the child support or contribution is intended.

For Cash/SNAP cases, enter the monthly cash benefit in Item 90 with the correct Public Assistance Grant (PAG) code. Use the RIN of the first person in Item 60.